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About Me

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Hello there! I’m Miranda and I’d love to welcome you to the Food Heals Family!

Creating a healthy lifestyle that works for you is a very personal journey. I know because I tried following fad diets and NONE of them worked!

As a health coach, and future registered dietitian, my passion simple: to high level help female professionals, e.g. CEOs, lawyers, doctors, et cetera, identify their healthy lifestyle goals and create lifestyle menus that heal their bodies with nutrient dense foods.

Rather than giving up foods you love, add one nutrient dense ingredient to exponentially increase it’s ability to help you heal.

A healthy lifestyle has different dimensions: eating preferences, workplace stress and exercise routine. We will explore how any why those habits were formed and and then work together to mold them to your benefit! After working with me, you’ll have a delicious lifestyle menu and tools to make your dream body your reality.

What do they want?

Women with busy lives and careers have a lot in common when it comes to their health. Some of the most popular goals are:

  • Weight loss,
  • Muscle building,
  • Increasing mental clarity or
  • Minimizing the need for Aspirin or Tylenol for general aches and pains.

Once you know the goals you want to build a solid routine for, we work together to create a plan that WORKS WITH your busy schedule, current food preferences and any restrictions.

Then, we break down the big goals into smaller, fulfilling and exciting action steps. Learning to live a healthier life through the ultimate healer, food, should be an adventure, not a chore!

What motivates me to help you?

Unfortunately, in America, women are bombarded with messaging that fad diets are the final solution to their bad eating habits.  prescription and OTC medications are the best tools to alleviate common ailments. Some of these aliments include chronic illnesses like fatigue, arthritis, ear infections, seasonal allergies, asthma or type 2 diabetes.

Yes, these prescription and OTC medications can be helpful , but they shouldn’t be the ONLY tool we rely on. I know. I spent years of my life suppressing the voice inside of me that said that there’s more to life than needing to adjust to a new prescription cocktail every few months.

Here’s a small glimpse into my story….


Life as an obese child and teenager was filled with turmoil, as you can imagine. Looking back, I realize that no matter how much responsibility I took, outside influences, specifically Big Pharma and Big Food, controlled the level of success I would have.

How did Big Pharma influence my pain?

Major pharmaceutical companies, otherwise known as “Big Pharma,” have an obvious motive to keep the consumer on their concoctions: money. They spend millions of dollars every year pressuring doctors to squeeze more patients into each day. Doctors are supposed to have the freedom to be caring partners in their patients’ quest for optimal health.

When was the last time you could sit down and talk to your doctor as long as you needed to?

As a child, I got numerous ear infections and colds every year. Ideally, they would have taken time to me about what made me sick, and how to prevent future relapses. Instead, they wrote prescriptions for antibiotics every time and sent me on my way.

Let’s break that word down and get its full impact. Antibiotic has two parts, “anti,” meaning “no” and “biotic,” meaning “pertaining to life!” Essentially, they robbed my body of its natural healing ability, including weight loss and hormone replacement!

What role did Big Food companies play? 

Big Food companies had a more nefarious role in my downward spiral. They preyed upon how my parents had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. Rather than sell healthy products to busy families like mine, they sold prepackaged and overly-processed junk that the body cannot use to rebuild or restore itself.

The end result of this perfect storm was a teenage girl believing the myths about needing 2,000 calories a day to live some semblance of a life. I spent the first 27 years of my “life” on diet after diet after diet, not knowing that I could create my best health with the foods I ate. That all changed in April of 2013…

My Life-Changing Accident

One day, as I walked to my neighborhood library, my sneaker got caught in a crack in the pavement. I fell hard on my knees and instantly they blew up like balloons!

After about two weeks of limited mobility from that injury, I started getting back to my regular routine and BOOM! My back suddenly seized with painful spasms  and gave out on me as I took out the trash from my apartment. I spent the next 5 months on intense bed rest (18+ hours a day!!).

Since I couldn’t move much, I began eating healthier (and easy to make!) versions of the foods I already loved. Some of my favorites were Greek yogurt, baked (instead of fried) chicken, homemade (instead of instant) oatmeal, green (rather than black) tea, and flavor-infused water.

Restoring my Health!

Two months into my recovery, my sister, who is a doctor, came to visit me and started scolding me for working out against my doctor’s advice. It took a few minutes to calm her down and show her that I just kept healthier foods in my refrigerator. She even insisted on talking to me about how I was eating!

Satisfied that I wasn’t making myself worse, she left me to rest. By the end of my recovery, I had lost 30 pounds and since then, I’ve lost 85 pounds overall! Even better was that my doctor gave me permission to stop ALL of my medications COMPLETELY!! I’ve been medication-free since October 2013.

Once you learn how your body uses the nutrients in whole foods you can tweak your diet to tend to any new concern.

2017 Update

My accident changed my life for the better because I know how MY body uses food to HEAL itself. This knowledge came in handy in March of this year when I was diagnosed with scoliosis.

Scoliosis is a progressively degenerative condition. Because of my accident in 2013, some ligaments and tissues in my spinal column have deteriorated causing the joints to abnormally curve from right to left. Additionally, the curvature in my lumbar spine is pressing on my sciatic nerve, making it very hard to walk at times.

Thanks to everything I learned from the accident, I added a couple different anti-inflammatory meals to my lifestyle and the results are AMAZING!!! I went from taking four maximum strength Tylenol every 12 hours to needing just rest and stretching with minimal pain.

I would be honored to help you achieve similar results.

From Accident to Mission

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Through this accident, and its delayed consequences, I’ve discovered something incredible… that EVERYONE is capable of transforming their health and lives, if they are willing to try. Hippocrates said it best: “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”

You already have all of the tools you need to FINALLY achieve your unique health goals. My job is to help you find ways to implement those tools. Working with me, some of the tools you will learn include how to:

  • QUIT DIETING. Fats, carbohydrates and proteins all serve a purpose in a well-balanced diet. They work in synergy to deliver necessary nutrients that allows you to achieve your optimal health faster than you ever thought was possible,
  • REMOVE self-made roadblocks. With my degree in psychology from Wellesley College, I can reveal how you keep yourself from success and reverse that pattern,
  • TRANSFORM your favorite unhealthy meals into meals that promote and accelerate your health restoration. Simple changes like using whole wheat or multi grain pasta makes a tremendous difference in the way your body uses the calories you eat,
  • MAXIMIZE your success. Time doesn’t have to restrict you. Learn how to use your schedule to your advantage! You can prepare a smoothie at night and spend a few minutes blending it before going to work. That is so much healthier than stopping at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a muffin!

In every one of my packages, we take the time to plan out a healthy meal plan and quality you time to make the transition to a healthy life as easy as possible. Your best health and fit body are waiting for you (and your goals can met faster than you think!).

Don’t wait a day longer to begin achieving it. If you’re ready to start, let’s go!!